Iowa Progressive Alliance Mission Statement

The Iowa Progressive Alliance (IPA) is a grassroots cooperative of activists, organizers, and content creators working to educate the progressive community in Iowa. The IPA stands guardian over the word progressive, refusing to allow centrists, corporatists, and elitists from misusing

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Learn More About Our Platform

The Iowa Progressive Alliance (IPA) is the voice of the progressive community in Iowa. As the largest progressive social media entity in Iowa, we affirm our responsibility to educate our community responsibly. The following are the political demands of the IPA, the progressives of Iowa, and the people of the United States.

Legalize Cannabis Now
The Fight for $15
Platform #2

Here you can learn more about legalizing cannabis in Iowa and how badly it effects minorites, the fight for a 15, and medicare for all. You can read what others have to say about these causes and more. We ask that you pay attention because our mind are our tools and we need to keep them sharp to win the war against disinformation. We must tax the wealthy. We have to look to the future and recognize that our children are the future and if we can't provide a quality education and a habitable environment to raise their families then we are no better than our past generations. We must fight for a better future and forge new coalitions, progress must win above all.

Green New Deal
Tuition Free College
Tax The Rich