Asked and Answered – What am I missing?

Recently in our Facebook post from The Hill titled “Buttigieg steals Beto’s thunder” we received criticism. A poster commented, “Okay, I get that maybe you’re in Iowa, ‘progressive’ can mean many things, but what the hell are you in an ‘alliance’ with, because all I see is this page sh*tting on everything non-Bernie. What am I missing?” We felt this poster deserved a response.


We’ve defined progressive as supporting six key issues: debt-free tuition, cannabis legalization, support for the Green New Deal, support for Medicare for All, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and taxing the rich. These are consensus issues across the progressive spectrum, and yes, there is a progressive spectrum. Our purpose is to support these issues, educate our audience on these issues, and to hold candidates accountable for support of these issues.


We are an alliance of activists, organizers and voters working in Iowa. We will undoubtedly post many positive things about Bernie Sanders as he supports our issues. Full disclosure, this page started as Iowans for Bernie during the 2016 campaign cycle, but we do not currently endorse any candidate. We are open to all candidates that support our key agenda.


It is also worth noting that Sen. Sanders is making headlines. He is currently the source of the majority of the news cycle as relating to our issues. You’ll also see articles and information posted about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, and other progressive politicians. We post information about our issues as well, particularly as relates to the State of Iowa.


Finally, we welcome criticism. We might even respond to it. The best way to change the way the IPA is doing business is to join. If you support our platform and want to help create content please contact us here. If you’re a die hard progressive and newsie that wants to help post to the page we need you. If you draw, create videos and audio, or write we need you.  We’re building a prairie roots movement here, and we need you.

Asked and Answered – What am I missing?

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