Joe Biden is no Hillary Clinton, he’s worse

Headlines shared on social media read that “Joe Biden is the new Hillary Clinton.” Progressives are eager to compare the success he’s having and the project their fears from the 2016 election onto him. Let’s be honest though, when you compare the twos record, he’s no Hillary. His record speaks for itself.

One of the biggest criticisms Hillary had repeated during her candidacy, the “super predator” comment she made in support of her husband’s crime bill. It was 1996, and two years after it had passed and she made that statement. The bill was actually written and introduced by Biden himself in 1994. There were many versions before Biden created the final destructive version. He voted for the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 which was the first comprehensive drug act since the early nineteen hundreds. Then he voted for the The Anti Drug Abuse Act of 1986. which expanded mandatory sentences and set the now 100-to-one ratio in the quantities of powdered versus crack cocaine that gave much harsher penalties and punished mostly minorities. He also voted for the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. The anti drug abuse act of 88 expanded the country’s war on drugs even further and created the office of national drug control policy. It’s fair to say that if he were not elected Vice President the crime bill of 94 would be his legacy as a politician. The crime bill in 1994 led to large number of problems. A disproportionate amount African-American incarcerations was one of them. The crime bill of 1994 was designed to give stiffer penalties for violent crimes, this was the era of three strikes. During that time people put in state prisons skyrocketed. Here Biden  talks of “predators on the streets” that were “beyond the pale” pushing his bill through congress. Throughout Joe’s career he has wanted to appear to be tough on crime, and it shows through his legislation.

Some folks are critical of Hillary about her past as a senator with gay rights, but Joe actually voted for DOMA. It wasn’t exactly popular with democrats at the time, it wasn’t popular among republicans. So it wasn’t exactly a litmus test issue at the time. However, he shouldn’t have voted for it.

Both hillary and joe voted for the iraq war, however Joe was the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time. He had access to some of the most privileged information at the time, he of all people should have known better. The both of them voted for the patriot act, however Biden has made several claims that he is responsible for what is now known as the Patriot Act. In 1995 he wrote the OmniBus Counterterrorism Act in response to the Oklahoma City bomber. Thanks Biden.

Hillary, like most neoliberals, is criticized for being too close to the banking industry. Well Biden’s  top donator has been MBNA. MBNA is a very large bank located in Delaware. If you weren’t aware, that’s where Biden lived and served up until his Vice Presidency. Biden also voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall act. And let’s not forget his role in making it harder for Americans to get bankruptcies during the Bush years. He also played a part in trying to eliminate welfare during the Clinton years.

And if you want to criticize HIllary for being a Goldwater girl, Biden eulogized Strom Thurmond. If you need to know one thing about Strom it’s that he switched parties from Democrat to Republican in support of Barry Goldwater’s presidency. Strom had been critical of the democratic party passing the civil rights law prior to switching and Barry was for segregation. Strom also authored the Comprehensive crime control act of 1984. He’s a segregationist and a racist, but Biden was there for him at the end.

By some standards Biden seems like a democrat born out of his time. He seems more dixiecrat that democrat and he refuses to change but he’s always willing to apologize for his mistakes. After eight years at Obama’s side fixing the economy, and the funny Biden bro memes, his image has softened but we can’t forget his record, and we need to quit comparing him to Hillary. His is so much worse.

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Joe Biden is no Hillary Clinton, he’s worse

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