Green New Deal

The Iowa Progressive Alliance supports a Green New Deal for the United States and Iowa. We recognize climate change as an imminent threat to social stability and human life.

“First of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt said March 4th, 1933 in his address to the nation on his proposed policy, ‘The New Deal.’ A part of FDR’s legacy was The New Deal, an economic stimulus package that created millions of jobs for the unemployed Americans who were suffering during the height of the Great Depression.

With the country and its population facing stagnant wages, growing job insecurity, and a lack of long-term, stable employment America is on the brink of another economic crisis on par with The Great Depression. We are also on the verge of a climate meltdown that will kill millions in developed and impoverished nations. We need a solution to both of these issues, and the only way to prevent these problems from evolving into an absolute catastrophe is The Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal would include a goal of 100% Clean and Renewable Energy by 2035. Solar and wind energy is growing at an exponential rate, and with advancements in the technology, mass production will continue to grow to meet new demand. The Green New Deal also calls for 100% Fossil-Fuel Free transport by 2050. A feasible goal as we make more efficient cars and create electric cars that are powered by renewable resources. It also calls for guaranteed access to clean and affordable drinking water. Flint, MI has been without water for 5 years. This is an international embarrassment. There is an entire generation of kindergarteners who have never known access to safe water. The Green New Deal also calls for a restored landscape, with replanting forests, rebuilding wetlands, promoting sustainable farming practices with soil restoration, and cleaning up brownfields and hazardous sites. It calls for so much more, the full list can be found on Data for Progress.

In the first 10 years, The Green New Deal promises to create 10 million new jobs through employment and training programs. This is a sustainable way to create high paying jobs for the nation that will rebuild the middle class, lift up the impoverished, and reduce racial inequality.

All the data is in favor of a Green New Deal. What matters most is that this is an issue of morality. The American people need an economic stimulus, and the American people are suffering at the hands of global climate change on a catastrophic level. The anguish felt by Americans is on par with that of the Great Depression and soon the Dust Bowl. The Green New Deal is the only solution that can mitigate climate change while saving the American Economy. The US Government must end the suffering of the American People by passing a sensible Green New Deal immediately. It’s time to stop being scared senseless of climate change and economic disparity and address these issues head on with the Green New Deal.