Iowa Progressive Alliance Mission Statement

The Iowa Progressive Alliance (IPA) is a grassroots cooperative of activists, organizers, and content creators working to educate the progressive community in Iowa. The IPA stands guardian over the word progressive, refusing to allow centrists, corporatists, and elitists from misusing or co-opting the term. Progressives are populist, futurist, and pragmatic. We will not allow the label progressive to become another buzz word in their culture war.

Progressive is our word. It’s a word meaning toward progress and movement toward a better future for all people in this state and country. Centrists demand the world remain in the status quo state. Corporatists value the rights of ‘corporate citizens’ above the rights of actual people.
Elitists want only to maintain their control over society. Progressives reject these values.

Progressives are populist. We place the needs of the population of the country first. We do not share the anti-intellectual slant of right-wing populists, but we have common cause in the mistrust of the establishment that has allowed the government of Iowa and these United States
to become a tool of oligarchs. Progressive populism is one built on grass-roots and working-class activism. We are egalitarian in nature, remembering the promise of the classical liberal; liberty, equality, fraternity. We demand to see these values again represented through action by our government.

Progressives are futurist. We look forward, knowing that change is inevitable. We know we are stewards of the planet for our time here. We support the Green New Deal, and any policy that will protect and improve the environment and climate. We recognize the damage that unchecked capitalism has done to the average citizen, and we demand action to make the economy again work for the working. Technology is changing our world. We recognize that with every advancement that brings comfort there is the potential for disruption. We demand sensible, tested solutions to the problems facing our society and bold initiatives where none

Progressives are pragmatic. We understand that the bold change we see as necessary will take time to implement. That is why we are so motivated to see that change begin. We make common cause with all those who would support our issues, be they partisans or independents. We know we are the silent majority of Americans who place value in each other. We will not be forced to choose the candidates or leaders that the elites push forward. We demand the right to work together to make the changes that will improve the lives of all Americans.