Medicare For All


Even though Medicare for All can be a scary and intimidating term, 70% of the U.S. citizens support it. It is a great system that is much needed and would be beneficial for everyone.

There are many benefits of Medicare for All. It covers everyone, no matter their medical history, and it offers a comprehensive plan that isn’t difficult to navigate. It would take on the 29 million americans that don’t have health care under the ACA. It would help save money for Americans by making it so there are no co-pays, deducibles, or surprise medical bills that hurt cash-strapped Americans.

Most Americans are just one $400 unexpected bill from going bankrupt. The average American cannot afford to get sick or injured. When the unfortunate happens, most cannot afford to pay for the bills associated with the cost. Check ups that get postponed indefinitely can cause the issues to manifest badly enough that it becomes an emergency. A cavity goes unfilled can turn into a root canal, the unchecked mole can turn into skin cancer, and a persistent cough can turn into pneumonia. America currently does not have healthcare, we have sick-care.

Everyone deserves healthcare. It is a god given right to be healthy without going bankrupt. Medicare for All provides healthcare for all Americans, regardless of their socio-economic status. Americans deserve this program, and we must demand it from our government.

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