this is the platform page where we will display our main issues, all of the pictures are editable and changeable

We support a fair economy

For far too long our wages have remained stagnant while CEOs wages have skyrocketed. Workers deserve fair compensation for their work and that is fifteen dollars an hour minimum for everyone.

moratorium on hog confinements/iowa environment

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medicare for all

We live in a society where people set up online fundraisers to pay for medical bills. Where one unexpected medical expense or prolonged illness can cause a middle-class family to become homeless. We can’t afford to seek preventative and quality-of-life medical care and are sicker and suffer for it. We know other first world democracies manage health care systems that care for their populous and we demand the same from our government. People are people are burdened by getting well and this problem isn’t new. We deserve a system that works for us.

free college tuition

Nobody should be burdened by college debt and anyone who wants to further their education should be able. The solution to this problem is simple, free college tuition. People should deserve the career path they choose and public education should be free.


Iowa has a problem with its drug laws. For several years it has ranked as being one of the worst in the nation for racial disparity in arrests. Simply put, we have a responsibility to fix that. Despite equal usage between races black people are far more likely in Iowa to get arrested for cannabis crimes.

Our medical cannabis laws are also behind as well. Our laws allow for a cap of only 3% on all cannabis medications. The amount of dispensaries throughout the state is limited to 5 and there is only one operation allowed to grow. The amount of conditions we cover is only eight.


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criminal justice reform

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