Tuition Free College

According to the College Board,college costs anywhere from about $10,000 for instate students or to $25,000 for out of state students each year. That price is the same of a brand new car or house. Unless you won the birth lottery and were born into a wealthy family, you will most likely be taking out student loans to pay for your tuition.

According to Forbes this past February, out of the more than 44 million student loan borrows, they have a combined $1.5 TRILLION in student debt and the debt per average borrower is about $29,000 each. The tricky thing about these loans is that they accumulate interest, so you aren’t just paying off your education you’re paying off the interest as well which can cause your loans to double or triple over time. Student debt is the form of debt you cannot get out from under by declaring bankruptcy. Forget loan forgiveness programs, under the current administration, those are basically nonexistent..

College currently is unaffordable to the majority of the nation. However, there is a simple solution to help save our students: public university can be made free to all. Free college means more incentives to go into teach and nursing, to pursue liberal arts degrees, and our work force develops faster along with the rest of the world. It fosters innovation, rewards creativity, encourages entrepenurialship, and makes a smarter, more successful nation. America has already put an entire generation of graduates, Millennials (not to exclude Gen X and Y), into unbearable debt, and America is about to make the same mistake with Generation Z.

Not just an economically sensible solution, relieving the burden of debt off of Generation Z and beyond; free college is also a question of morality. Every person deserves a quality education, no matter their income. College should not be affordable only to the rich or given out to the poor solely on scholarship. America has offered the promise of the proverbial ‘American Dream’ for years. Part of that dream is sending your kids off to the future with a strong college education to help them find a sound career that they enjoy. Unless free college is implemented, that part of the American Dream will die.

The price of free college has been cited several times, but it won’t be mentioned here; because this is a question of morality. Who cares about the price when we are disenfranchising our students? Everyone deserves to dream big and achieve greatness through free college. Everyone.